Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Team Fitness Fat Fall Off Oct 5 2010

The shaking legs in the room last night were just one indicator of the nervousness felt by the men and women who signed up for the detox program. We all arrived at 7:30 pm and took our chairs. The class started on time and Cheri began explaining the detox program and why we need it. Our number one question was answered right away when Cheri explained what foods were not allowed on the program. She immediately followed with the list of foods we could eat, which of course was longer than the "Don't" list. I had to applaud one lady's effort when she asked we were allowed to drink organic wine after we were instructed no alcohol or coffee. My husband Joe attended the presentation with me which I think helped him understand how I would need support. Joe has the metabolism of a fruit fry and considers fried zucchini a really good vegetable. No matter how poorly he eats, he never gains a pound.

I will be starting my detox program on Thursday 10/07/10. The detox supplies won’t be in until Wednesday night as there was some kind of shipping glitch. Cheri went through each product and explained how each one worked and the purpose in our bodies. My brain likes to know exact reasons why I am supposed to do something. It drove my parent crazy, but once I understood a rule, I usually never broke it. If Cheri said "Don't eat anything blue" I would probably end up eating blue food, But when she said "Do Not eat food that has artificial color listed as an ingredient and then explained what those artificial colors do to our body, now understand the logic behind the statement and will not be drinking any electric blue Gatorade anytime soon. She handed out some recipes I am excited to try and will post those as I make them.

The weigh in was next in the pool. This weigh in will determine how much muscle we have currently and establishes our baseline. We were also told our weight and body fat percentage. I latterly almost passed out when I was told my body fat was 45%. That is nearly half of me composed of fat! My weight is 229.00. The record is 27 pounds in 30 days and I am determined to beat that.

I am meeting with my sister tomorrow after work to take before pictures and measurements.

Today’s Food

Breakfast: Steel cut oats with Truvia and splash of almond milk.

Snack: Organic strawberries and blueberries. (I packed these in ziplocks for easy snacks)

Lunch: 2 hardboiled eggs and carrot sticks (Free range and organic snack pack)

Snack: Apple slices dipped in whole unsalted almond butter (Safeway lets you create two tablespoon snack containers for .75 cents each.

Dinner: Brown rice with grilled lean steak strips and salad with balsamic and olive oil

I am still struggling with my water intake and am determined to do better tomorrow.

Several cups of organic peppermint tea without sugar.

No coffee today and experienced a major headache. I am craving sugar today and experiencing hunger pains. I will be interested to see if the protein shake in the morning will help keep me more satisfied and how long it will take to break the coffee addiction.


Today was supposed to be the last sunny day for a long time so I walked 2.5 miles on Centennial Trail while my 7 year old rode his bike. I was sweating for about 45 min. Looking forward to my workout with Mike tomorrow.

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