Friday, October 8, 2010

Fat Fall Off Oct 8, 2010

What an adventure! I left yesterday around noon and had my little igloo cooler in the front seat. It was a four hour drive and I was prepared. I drove straight through and arrived and checked into my hotel. My room had a small fridge so I unpacked my food and headed off to the supplier site for a quick introduction before the big meeting today. I had snacked on what I brought but was starving at 7pm when everyone announced they were heading out to dinner. As many of you know, business is discussed at meals and I was required to go. I didn’t plan for this. Restaurants are forbidden during detox and I was unsure how to pull this off, plus I still had to get my workout in. I arrived at the restaurant and was a bit panicky when looking at the menu. When the waitress came around for drinks I ordered water. That caused some minor ribbing from my dinner mates and I thought to myself, oh man…wait until I order my meal. I did the best I could given the situation. We were dining at an upscale steak and seafood house which actually worked in my favor. I ordered the grilled salmon prepared with no oil or butter and the steamed fall vegetables. I skipped the bread and the baked potato. For dessert I had a fresh fruit cup. My order generated quite the conversation around the table. As I was the only woman, I expected some smart ass comments from the guys, but instead they started talking about how they needed to lose weight. I was able to tell them about this program and they promised to check on the blog and follow my progress. We have another meeting next month and they will be expecting to see a little less Lacie.

This morning was much easier. My oatmeal cooked perfectly and I had my salad for lunch. I didn’t get my workout in last night, but woke up early and used the fitness center in the gym for 45 min. I was starving on the drive home because I ran out of the food I brought. I pulled off the Intersate and found a sushi place in a little strip mall and ordered a brown rice roll with carrot and avocado. I made a huge salad when I got home and headed to the Lake Stevens Homecoming game. This was a really difficult trip and I am glad to be home.

I am hoping to start the I-Melt system next week and am looking forward to writing about that. I received an email from Cheri and was told my detox kit will be ready for pick-up tomorrow. I am super curious to see how this will help the hunger and cravings. I can tell my stomach is shrinking just based on the smaller portion sizes it is taking to become full, but I am getting hungry shortly after. I am going to talk to Cheri and ask her to review what I am eating and give me some advice on foods to keep me fuller longer. I am also feeling a tad more energized and I didn’t have a headache today. I’m exhausted tonight but I think it’s just from the whirlwind trip.

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