Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's Simple Math!

I love math. Maybe it’s my engineer mind or the fact that a person can use a proven formula to get the correct answer…math is logical. Weight loss, even though it’s all about numbers, absolutely boggles my mind. How can something based on numbers have so many different formulas and so many different outcomes?

I have been forbidden from weighing myself until May 3, 2010. We all know what happened last time I weighed with out permission, so of course I would never directly defy an order. That being said, I went to see my nutritionist today and of course had to step on the scale. I didn’t look but when the medical assistant called out my weight I nearly fell over.  Are you sitting down? 230 pounds! I have gained 8 pounds in a week.

This is exactly why Cameron did not want me weighing myself for a month. I burst into tears, just like Cameron said I would. I wigged out when the doctor came in. He asked how I was doing today and I responded with “What the Hell…8 pounds?”  I went from anger to frustration to sadness in about 30 seconds. I explained what I was doing, what I was eating and I showed him that I had to fold the waist band of my jeans over because they were falling down. I tugged at the loose fabric around my thighs and the unsightly butt fabric that was gathering on my rear. I thought for sure I had lost weight…I would have bet money on it.

Doc L. was just nodding while I finished freaking out then he handed me a tissue to indicate I should calm down. I sat back down on the paper sheet and just looked at him, waiting for a medical explanation to this very obvious slap in the face by my metabolism. I wanted a logical answer. I wanted the numbers to add up. I did not want to hear that muscle weighs more than fat. That illogical answer has always irritated me. That’s like saying a pound of lead weighs more than a pound of feathers. IT’S STILL A POUND!

 After going into more detail about the type of workout I was doing, he said it made perfect sense. I was building muscle. Muscle is more dense than fat, therefore, my body is getting smaller. The weight is going up because I am working the largest muscles in my body the most, causing those to become bigger.

He asked for my food journal and asked me about my water intake. I admit, I have only been drinking maybe 20 oz of water a day. That was slowing down my ability to flush the “something” from my muscles after I work out and that water is critical in burning fat. He told me as long as I continue to dehydrate myself; my body will continue to retain every ounce I consume. He also noticed my sodium intake was way too high.

So…new formula this week and I am hoping it leads to subtraction. I am going to drown myself in water…or at least drink the 5 water bottles a day I was supposed to be drinking in the first place. I also have to divide the two slices of toast at breakfast in half, add a protein drink after I work out and multiply my servings of fruit by two.

I am getting tired of doing the math, showing my work and still getting the wrong answer. This week I will follow the instruction the teacher provides!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your brave and honest blogs. I enjoy reading them and appreciate that you are doing this.

That said, I have to speak up about something. Do you judge how good you are at your job by one single measurable outcome? My guess is no - that you value your success on a variety of things. Weight vs. body performance is the same thing - weight is just one measurement and does not define quality nor does it encompass whole health.

CrossFit is about being able to do MORE with your body, not about weighing less.

I know that is hard to hear, especially when we all want to weigh less. But as you start to see what you can do and as you get stronger, i hope you will start to evaluate yourself on what your body can accomplish, instead of how much it weighs.

Measure yourself on pull-ups, not pounds.

Hang in there Lacie! Maybe one day you will rename your blog to MoreLacie when you see how much MORE you can do.

Lacie said...

I really appreciate the honest kick in the butt. Crossfit is such a new concept to me. As an ex-professional dieter, this is the first program that focuses on being healthy and strong vs. what the scale says. After re-reading my post, some self reflection, and a tall glass of water, I must thank you. I was not focusing on the fact that I need to go buy a belt, or the fact that I did 30 push-ups on Monday with out shaking or stopping or that I am also doing deeper pull-ups. For the first time in my 35 years I can’t wait for my next workout.

I am a work in progress and I really appreciate the support…even when I go off track a little. I am trying to deprogram myself and trust the CrossFit process. Thank you again!

Anonymous said...

Lacie - You ROCK! Those accomplishments mean more than a single number on a scale ever will! It's taken me years to accept the fact that weight does not define me. CrossFit is the one place I have found that reinforces all the positives of being strong. You are in a great place. And once again, your honesty and bravery on putting yourself out there impresses the hell out of me. You give words to a lot of things I have thought but kept inside my head.

Cameron said...

I hate being right all the time but, someone has to do it. hahaha Great post Lacie and I am really glad you are enjoying the classes. Keep up the excellent work. One day at a time. :-D

Christina Roehl said...

I think I just saw Cameron's head swell from here...LOL!
I struggle from the same afliction; everyone else is noticing a difference in the way I look, but I don't. I can feel it, I just can't see it...not yet anway.
Keep it up Lacie!