Monday, June 14, 2010

The Crazy Interview!

Had a bizarre day today!

I was on the panel for what might have been the most bizarre interview of all time.

It started with my manager asking this man for an example of diversity in the workplace that he has found a challenge and how he dealt with it. The answer ended, no lie 20 min later after he told us how his wife left him for another woman she met online, how she filed restraining orders against him, how he was living in his car, and the fact that he has been out of work for two years because he was being garnished for child support. He further explained that he should not have to pay child support since SHE was the one that left and took the kids. He ended his story with looking at the other female interviewer in the room and myself and saying “You women are evil!”

Seriously! I almost lost it. So I of course was trying to keep a straight face during this very long, long story. I’m pretty sure he did not know what the word diversity meant. My favorite part of the interview was when my manager asked him why he left his last job and he point blank said out loud that his previous boss was trying to make him do work he didn’t want to do.

It was my turn to ask a question. I explained what I needed in a tech person and asked how he would update an Access database to meet the specific need I described. He said (and I couldn’t make this up if I tried) “On the computer.” All I could do was stare, nod and blink at him in disbelief.

Here’s the kicker! I was actually talked to about my body language by my boss. He told me I need to hide my emotions better during the interview. Really? I asked him if he had ever met me. I don’t do that well…I’m pretty much an open book. He laughed and said when I folded my notes in half and put down my pen that everyone in the room knew I was done.

Um…yeah…that was kinda the point. That was my way of saying:

“This guy is a crazy restraining order nut job…let’s wrap this up people!”

I was told that even though the guy was a serial stalker to his lesbian ex-wife, I should not have rolled my eyes when he was professing his love to her…furthermore the staring off into the distance while he was talking about “the drama” of finding a good-looking woman who would accept his kids was quite rude.

I told boss-man I appreciated the feedback and moved on. I must say I kept giggling to myself all day.

I came home and made an amazing dinner.

Turkey-bacon wrapped scallops over red leaf lettuce, fresh cucumber and sliced tomatoes. It was delicious and the whole family loved it.