Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fat Fall Off Oct 10, 2010

I woke up this morning excited to try my detox powder. I blended ice and strawberries, a banana, some almond milk and put two scoops of powder in the blender. I held my nose and prepared to drink. I was indeed surprised at the taste. It was great! I handed it to my husband and had him try and he was blown away that this was a detox shake. It really tasted good! I was also really full. Something I had not been for 5 days. I took my other supplements as directed also. I found the directions somewhat confusing on when to take each pill so I found a sharpie and labeled each bottle with the qty and time to take each one.

I was out of food today so I had to get to the store and quick. My daughter had a bi-week today so we didn’t have a soccer game to rush to. I had some time to plan the menu for the week. I ate my last apple and my last egg for a quick lunch with a bag of Mary’s crackers and was in need of some variety. I went to Traders Joe’s which might just be my favorite store of all time. It is so easy to shop there as everything is clearly labeled organic or free range. I came home and made little snack bags for the week. I cut up carrots, and celery. I measured out ¼ cup bags of unsalted almonds. I chopped broccoli and strawberries. I figure work will be easier if I have everything made up already.

I made an amazing dinner tonight. I grilled large shrimp and served it with the Greek Aztec Salad from the detox menu. My family was a bit scared of the quinoa, but they ended up liking it very much. The fresh basil was incredible.

I also found a great tasting product at Trader Joe’s called Larabar. It is just Cashews and dates. That’s it…nothing else. The bar is gluten free, soy and dairy free with no additives. It tastes delicious!

Today’s food:

Breakfast: Detox smoothie

Snack: none

Lunch: apple, egg sliced on Mary’s crackers

Snack: Larabar

Dinner: Grilled shrimp over Greek Aztec salad

Today’s Fitness:

No fitness today…it’s Sunday

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