Friday, October 29, 2010

Fat Fall Off Oct 29, 2010

I did my second I-Melt session today. I have another tip for any other ADHD people out there that might get bored easily. You are literally strapped onto a table while a machine melts the fat away. You’re hot and sweating out of your toes and elbows. It’s not painful or anything…just hot. It can go really slowly if you watch the clock. I downloaded a couple movies on my IPod and watched the first half of “Meet Bill”. I was laughing my way through the session and didn’t realize how quickly the time had flown by. The next thing I knew I was being unhooked and sent on my way. It did not feel like an hour at all!

Oh and one more I-Melt tip. If you’re running late and forget to pack a bag in the morning for your 4:00 pm I-Melt session, don’t just grab the first sweatshirt you see. Make sure you grab one without a zipper. The zipper will get burning hot. I had to borrow a t-shirt from the gym and I would have sweated more if I was properly dressed. The whole goal is to sweat out the toxins and melt the fat.

Today’s food:

Breakfast: Detox shake

Snack: Hard boiled egg and fruit salad

Lunch: Romaine lettuce and tomato with olive oil, balsamic and ground pepper.

Snack: A bag of broccoli and carrots

Dinner: I made the most delicious beef soup. I couldn’t use flour to thicken it to a stew. I used sweet potatoes instead of brown potatoes and it gave the soup such an autumn-type feel. I used carrots and celery and threw in a can of organic stewed tomatoes. My base was a box of organic, low sodium beef broth.

Dessert: I had about a cup of coconut ice cream.

My Fitness:

I-Melt. My legs felt like jell-o after the session and just wanted to go home and shower and make a wonderful dinner.

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