Friday, April 16, 2010

Fun in the ER!

Here’s a tip from me to you…free of charge.

Just because Broccoli is nature’s miracle food, full of antioxidants, vitamins and is powerful medicine to help keep your intestines healthy does not mean you should ever…I mean EVER mindlessly nibble  two full Ziploc bags of cut up broccoli at your desk in one sitting. Another awesome side effect of broccoli would be gas. Painful gas…the kind of pain that makes you strip your clothes off naked because you’re sweating so badly and curl up in the fetal position. The pain was so intense I thought my appendix must be bursting and drove myself to the ER. I, being a genius, did not associate the pain to the broccoli.

After undergoing a CT scan and an abdominal ultrasound, the doctor came in and said they could not find any signs of appendicitis. That’s when the doctor started asking the detail questions. I think he skipped this part in the beginning because I was writhing in pain and the doctor wanted to run the tests immediately.

“What did you eat today?” he asked
“Oatmeal and a hard boiled egg for breakfast, an apple, cottage cheese and tuna for lunch…oh and two baggies of raw broccoli” I announced proudly.  I thought for sure he would be impressed with my wise food choices. He started laughing. He said “You have a severe case of gas.”

If there was a way to crawl out of the ER unnoticed at that point I would have. I was mortified. I had already called Cameron and told him I could not make my workout because I was in severe pain and I thought my appendix was bursting. He is the one that told me to use my Boeing medical insurance and get my butt to the ER. How was I going to tell him I just had gas. I had even called my ex husband to come over and watch the kids...for GAS!!!

I was discharged from the ER and told to go to the pharmacy and buy some Gas-ex and to not eat more than a cup of broccoli at a time.

Moral of the story: More is not always better!

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Anonymous said...

I swear this happened to me!
About 4 years ago- I thought I was having a heart attack!