My Pictures

CrossFitt then Back to TeamFitness
Joe and I Seperated
Joe and I Reconciled
Big Year...
Lake Stevens, WA
Marble Mount, WA
Franfurt, Germany
Family Shot at Cabin in Marble Mount, WA

Holding my head up to remove a chin or two...

Inspecting a Test Set up on a 787 Galley in Canada for Boeing

Lost a little weight due to the stress of Seperation

Photoshoot by my sister after seperation

Herrborn, Germany

On a tour in Frankfurt, Germany

At a castle after a mile hike...omg...barely made it to the top!

and the weight piles back and sausage...not a good diet plan!
Munich, Germany

2009 Less Lacie Begins Blogging for
The Lake Stevens Journal and TeamFitness
Lake Stevens, WA 
Seattle, WA 
Paris, France
 Naples, Italy

Ignore the Date...I set it wrong on the Camera.
This Is IronGirl 2009

The TeamFitness Ladies...Rocking the 2009 Iron Girl in Seattle, WA
Roe, Lacie, Angie, Sarah and another really nice person I didn't know.

Lacie at a Paris Train Station Novemeber 2009

Eiffel Tower In Paris 2009

Again the Camera Date is Wrong.
This is me in Naples, Italy Nov 2009

Me and Zena at TeamFitness in Lake Stevens, WA

Check out my official LessLacie/ TeamFitness/ Lake Stevens Journal work out tank

Oh My God!!!

Between workout break at TeamFitness


Count the rolls!!! 1...2...3...4...wait...I thinks those might be boobs????

The Year of Denial
My Heaviest Weight
Cancun, Mexico

Joe and I at a Myan Temple. Cancun Mexico 2008

Yes...Thats Joe and I with Elvis!

I Can't believe I am posting this!
 I just keep imagining someday I will look at this picture
as a thin person and be proud of how far I have come!

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