Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fat Fall Off Oct 12, 2010

The closest I have ever come to working out with a personal trainer is watching the Biggest Loser and thinking to myself…I wish I had someone to push me like that. The wishing fairy answered me with force. Every muscle is sore…but in a good way. I think we have all seen the t-shirt “Pain is just weakness leaving the body” and that is really how I look at this. It’s similar to the way that a tough guy will brag about his scars… “I got this one in Nam or in a MMA cage match or when I was fighting ninja’s.”

This is my pain story and I am just as proud of the bruise on my behind as the tough guys. Ladies who have some junk in your trunk be warned…There is a machine called the Ab-Flexor. You are supposed to sit in a little padded chair, lean back, and hurl a basketball at a target. You do this as many times as you can in a minute. Here’s the problem with that…Where the seat flexes, it leaves a gap, and apparently my butt is so big that it settled into the crack of the flexing chair and I caught and pinched it with my full body weight. I have a Viking purple stripe across my rear. The good news is you only do it once or twice and tend to really focus on your form after that.

I am writing this article early in the day as I am headed out for a quick overnight trip for work. It’s noon and I am all packed and ready to go. I have my cooler packed with hard boiled eggs, cut broccoli and carrots, a couple apples and I found little almond butter packets with no sugar added in the organic section at Haggen’s. They are a bit pricy, but when you’re traveling I think it’s ok to pay for convenience. Haggen’s also sells turkey that is preservative free and very lean. I had them slice it for me thick and I cut it into little squares to top my salad. Glad makes tiny salad dressing to-go containers and I mixed a little EVOO and Balsamic for a dressing. We are supposed to stay away from microwaves as much as possible, but in this case I had to make an exception. I know what is available for breakfast at the hotel and there is no way any of it will be allowed. I packed some steel cut oats I bought at trader joes in a baggie and plan to attempt a microwave cooking. I also have some strawberries for my oatmeal and packed my Truvia. I plan on asking for lemon at the kitchen in the morning for my hot detox drink.

I am excited to see how this plan will work on the road. My hotel has a fitness center so I plan to do a workout tonight after I arrive. Ok…I am off! I will report in full tomorrow.

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