All About LessLacie

Maybe this would be easier in list form. (Disclaimer: list is in no particular order)

I am allergic to walnuts and pineapple
I love yoga pants and lovingly call mine "Comfy Pants"
I love to paint
I love to Quilt
I love making my own jewelry
I make my own soap and candles
I have turned my hair orange, pink, purple and black...never on purpose!
I chew my nails like they're a meal
I have three close friends
I was a runner in high school
I get nervous in social situations
I am legally blind without my glasses
I can't type without looking at the keyboard
I make an incredible pot roast
I hate talking about feelings...period. I prefer writing instead.
I've quit smoking six times
I love the look of painted toes...and thumb rings
I do my hair and make-up at my vanity every morning
I drink entirely too much caffine
I love and hate my job at the same time
My car is always filthy and I dispise pumping gas
I don't take out garbage...that's man work...and it stinks
I can change a tire in 8 min flat
I know how to check my oil and gap spark plugs
I still wear a watch
I DVR all my TV shows so I can fast forward through commercials
I hate folding clothes but love putting them away
I do not like Chinese food...or Thai food and I don't understand Pho Noodle soup. It tastes like feet smell!
I grew up in a Foster Home with 3 foster sisters, one adopted sister and one half sister
I know what you can and can't take in to Sunday Prison Visitation and am on first name basis with the guards at Juvenile hall
I love red wine and dirty martini's
None of my jewlery is in my jewlery box
I brush my teeth in the shower
I have 56 pairs of shoes and only wear about 10 of them
I am addicted to WebMD
I like being alone...and I hate being alone...usually at the same time
I have Facebook anxiety
My favorite juice is Odwalla Carrot juice...OH MY GAWD Delicious!
I Love Victim TV (Lifetime Television for Women)
I leave my clothes on the floor of the bathroom...even tho there is a basket next to the shower
I can clean a kitchen in 10 min flat...I'm a dishes ninja!
I drink coffee at 11:00pm
I am tone deaf and  cant remember lyrics to songs
I have no idea how to load my Ipod
I don't wear perfume
I love football and think baseball might be in fact the most boring sport on TV