Friday, October 15, 2010

Fat Fall Off Oct 15, 2010

I was so excited today for 1:00. My first I-Melt session couldn’t come fast enough. I was told when I made my appointment I would need to hydrate several hours before my session. The receptionist also told me to wear three layers of 100% cotton clothing. I drank water all day. Being a woman, the decision of what to wear is always on my mind so I evaluated my options and I decided on a pair of yoga pants, my comfy sweats, a pair of my husband’s sweat pants, two long sleeve t shirts and a sweatshirt. I packed everything in a bag and was off to my session. When I arrived Courtney brought me to a massage room and instructed me to remove my watch and all my jewelry.
Tip #1: Don’t wear jewelry. My necklace chain got tangled in my purse on the way home.

Courtney then left me to put my layers on and came back with a piping hot cup of green tea for me to sip on and a bottle of water. She laid a pillow out for my head and told me to hop up on the table where she began to strap me in. She pulled large straps around each thigh, two around my upper arms one around my hips and rear, and one all the way around my abdomen. It was really difficult to move once I was strapped in and I left my IPod on the little table next to me. She was very helpful. She handed me my Ipod and even put the headphones in my ears for me. She told me to relax and she left the room.

Tip #2: Lay down with your IPod in hand and headphones in place.

I was laying there for about 5 minutes and was thinking, ok…I’m strapped in…I am warm…but how is this going to burn 1200 calories in an hour? My question was answered around the 10 minute mark. I became really warm. I started to sweat. At 20 min, I had pools of sweat on my forehead. At 30 min it felt as if I was laying in the sun on the beaches of Mexico. I was really sweating at the 40 min mark and my clothes were soaked through.

Tip #3: Don’t wear skimpy layering tee shirts, the straps get really hot and I should have worn thicker long sleeve tee shirts. I had to loosen the straps a little as it felt like it was burning me. These are called “Hot Spots” and can be avoided if your clothes are thick enough.

I was ready to get off the surface of the sun around the 50 min mark, but wanted to finish the whole hour. I didn’t want to cheat myself out of 200 calories. Do you know how long I would have to be on the treadmill to burn 200 calories? I cranked up my Mama Mia soundtrack and sweated out the last few minutes.

Tip #4: It can feel a tiny bit claustrophobic because you really can’t move all strapped in. Just breathe and remind yourself why you are doing this.

I rang my little bell when the hour was up and another gal that works in the salon helped me out of the straps. I was soaked all the way through all the layers of clothing. I have to tell you it is difficult trying to peel off layers of soaked clothes. I wore my yoga pants and a t shirt to TF and had to drive home in sweat soaked clothes…very uncomfortable.

Tip #5: bring a towel and an extra change of clothes. You will want a shower as soon as you are done.

When I got home, I stripped myself and jumped on the scale. I lost a pound and a half in an hour! AMAZING! I was so excited. Then I took a cool shower and brought my body temperature down to a more human level. I was floating on air…I have never had such amazing results with anything I have tried in the past.

I had planned an amazing dinner of acorn squash stuffed with shredded zucchini, diced cooked chicken breast and chopped apple and onion. For the life of me I could not figure out how to cut the top of an acorn squash off. The thing was as hard as stone. I used my best knives to hack into this thing. The directions said to remove the top and scoop out the middle then stuff it with the filling. The directions said nothing about needing garage tools to accomplish the task. I was half tempted to get out the saws-all, but thought that was a bit extreme. I asked my daughter to hop online and look up the directions for slicing an acorn squash…and…nothing. In the end, I threw the mutilated acorn squash in the garbage and said “Forget this!” I improvised. I sautéed all the vegi’s and threw in some tomatoes for color. I boiled some pasta for the family and tossed it with some olive oil and sea salt. I scooped mine over some raw spinach leaves and we all enjoyed a very tasty meal.

Today was a good day!

Today’s food:

Breakfast: I slept in today, so no breakfast

Snack: detox shake around 11:00am

Lunch: Pear, banana and strawberry slightly blended over baby spinach leaves and thinly sliced red onion. The flavor combination was delicious.

Dinner: See above

After dinner snack was another pear. They are really good! I also had a coconut bar in bites throughout the day.

My Fitness:

I did not work out today as I was soaked through my clothes.

Final Tip: Work out before the I-Melt session. You will be a little tired after the session and will want to shower right away. No part of you will want to work out once you’re off the table.

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