Friday, September 4, 2009

Week 2 July 10, 2009

One! Just one pound! I stepped on the scale this morning and just one pound lost. I worked so hard this week. I was at TeamFitness every morning at 4:30am then went back after work at 4:30 pm. I was very angry. I couldn’t understand this obvious slap in the face by my metabolism. I started to cry and was on the ledge ready to jump when Mark, a personal trainer, came up to me and asked what was wrong. I sounded like Beaker from the Muppets as my voice became higher until my words were no longer audible. He calmed me down and took me off to the side.

We talked about my week and what I could do to adjust my food intake. We figured out I was not eating enough protein and I was eating entirely too much fruit. We talked about adding a protein shake and how my body metabolizes all the fruit I was inhaling. Let me tell you I am addicted to sugar in every form and while fruit is good for you, it should be treated as a sugar and limited to more fibrous fruits like apples and oranges. I was eating an entire cantaloupe over the course of a day along with 3 -4 types of berries. I learned that my body will burn the calories of an apple during the breakdown and digestion process. If you blend fruit or drink fruit juice, it’s even worse. The body will absorb the calories because little effort is required during the digestion or breakdown process. Basically, your body doesn’t have to work very hard to use the sugar as it’s absorbed almost instantly which will affect your blood sugar levels.

All day I’ve obsessed over my one pound loss this week and decided to feel good about my one pound gone forever. I imagined a pound of butter smeared all over my arms or a pound of chunky cottage cheese on my thighs and decided I needed to change my attitude. I’ve been doing Zumba, a fun salsa cardio class. I’m kickboxing and lifting weights. I can feel my self getting stronger; I even made it 20 min on an elliptical machine! I am learning how to control my heart rate and the staff of TeamFitness is so supportive. I have so much to be proud of that I’ve decided to write that pound a Dear John letter.

Dear One Pound,
I am leaving you behind. I no longer have the energy or time to obsess over you. You’ve done nothing but weigh me down for years, and frankly I am tired of seeing you in the mirror. So good bye and good riddance! I am also tired of your dead beat friends hanging around, eating chips and drinking beer on my sofa. I will no longer support or enable you with excuses. Pass the message along, I will be kicking each and every one of your friends out, until you and all of your free loading couch potatoes are out of my life forever. I am a strong, highly capable female and I will work diligently, no matter how long it takes, to get my life back.

Your Ex- hostess!

Starting weight: 238
Current weight: 237
Weight Loss: 1 pound

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