Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Pain would be the Word Of the Day. I thought I was ready. I watched all the CrossFit videos on You-Tube, I’ve read blogs and seen pictures posted...Oh My GAWD I was wrong! I can’t move my arms and my thighs feel like they were beaten with a baseball bat.

Cameron gave me the option of not completing the workout on my first day…he told me I would be sore and I might want to hold off. Noooo…not Lacie…not Ms. I have something to prove. I should have listened…I should have heeded the warning of the professional, instead I had my superwoman cape on.

My first day started with the speech. I walked in at 7:26 pm and he was waiting…holding a stopwatch.
He said “Your Late!”
I agued...because that’s what I do, and said “No I’m not, class doesn’t start until 7:30 pm”
He kinda chuckled and I thought he must find me incredibly funny. Nope.
He said “If your not early your late…and your late. Being On-time is late, come in late again, and it will cost you some pain!”
Ouch…I know for a fact I will be there at 7:15 on Wednesday night. If I am experiencing pain from a light workout, I never want to find out what Cameron based pain feels like.

            After the “Welcome to CrossFit” speech I was feeling excited. I have been looking forward to this moment for two weeks. I had my new shoes on, my super cool, eco-friendly water bottle filled with purified water and my desire to lose weight. I thought I was ready…I thought wrong. The squat demonstration nearly did me in. I didn’t know anyone other than limber toddlers could squat in that position. I think Cameron was messing with us…he would say “Down” then start a conversation with another first day person…leaving us in that position…until someone screamed.
“Up” he would then say with a smile. Oh he was having fun alright! We learned Squats, pull-ups with rings, push-ups, then this super horrible, make me want to vomit, lay on a triangle on your stomach, and lift your body thing. When we were finally finished with all of those Cameron asked how I was doing.
“Super-duper!” I replied.
He grinned that smile and said “Excellent- that’s what I like to hear…Lets do it again!”

And that is exactly what we did. After the second round he said “Great job on your warm up everyone!”
WHAT? Warm-up? That was a warm up? I don’t understand…I was dripping with sweat. I haven’t perspired this much after 45 min on a treadmill. He said it was time for the workout. Oh Dear god! This is the point where Cameron gave me the option of not working out. hmmm....I might listen to him next time!

Now that the shock is over and I can think clearly; I can’t wait to go back! Sure…my daughter had to brush my teeth for me this morning because I can’t lift my own arms…and I wore slippers to work because it hurt too badly to bend over to tie my shoes…but I keep imagining all this pain as fire. An inferno that is burning the fat, I am the kindling and Cameron is the match. My fire is blazing…my desire is strong and raging. Thank you to all my friends who are my little fire pokers…all of your encouragement has kept my fire stoked!

I am a little nervous about Wednesday night. Not sure how bad the pain will be…but as Cameron quoted “Anything worth having …is worth fighting for.”  I am fighting for my body back…and I know I will win.


Shane said...

Awesome...see you in the Gym. Hang in there, it gets a lot better! I've been going to Rivertown for about 8 months and there's no arguing with results (or Cameron for that matter)...

January said...

Yes! The results are amazing. It was super flattering when two of the guys at work came and asked me to move a very heavy patient for them!!! Lets say the patient was even impressed! And as for what Shane has to say.... you can argue with Cameron all you want, you just will NEVER win! :-)Welcome to the gym, Lacie!

LessLacie said...

Thank you both for the comments and support! the arguing part! Looking foward to meeting you both!