Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My CrossFit Kicks your Zumba's Ass!

Zumba or CrossFit? You Decide!

Week 4! Wow…Can you believe it? It flew by and I can say I am officially addicted!  I only have 2 more On Ramp classes until I start CrossFit classes with the masses. I talked to Charlie and he is going to be doing the psycho 6:00am classes and Janel and I are going to do the 4:30pm class. I must take a minute and tell you all what an amazing ROCKSTAR Janel is. This woman not only wears the cutest shorts every class, but has the most infectious smile. When she smiles, everyone around her is a little happier. I am thrilled we are going to continue this journey together. On Thursday, she had a 102 degree temperature and still kicked ass in class. She smiled less on Thursday, but she was back stronger than ever last night. I have decided that back extensions are in fact my least favorite CrossFit activity, mostly because they make me want to vomit. Janel and I were able to commiserate yesterday during the warm-up and maybe it’s my dark side, but it made me feel tons better that the back extensions made her want to vomit as also.

 This weekend I was invited to a get together at my girlfriends’ house. She is an amazing hostess and a triathelete. I knew the food would be healthy and delicious as she’s also the Home Economics teacher at Mariner High school.  I am used to being the biggest woman in the room and this party was no different. What was different was my attitude. I didn’t care and I didn’t obsess about my weight all night. I knew I looked hot and I was thrilled I had to wear the belt I just bought. I walked in and the party was divided by gender. The men were in the man-cave (garage) and the women were in the kitchen. The conversation, as usual was on diet and weight loss. Two of the women were talking about Zumba and asked me if I had ever danced my ass off. Heck yes I have! I’m not sure there is a woman alive that hasn’t been drug to one of those sweatin’ to the music, shake your groove thing classes. Zumba is a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong…but the conversation droned on and on and on…until I had to interrupt and say I’m doing Crossfit. The looks on their faces were priceless.

Super skinny blonde chick said “Isn’t that like bootcamp? Uhhh…No Thank you! I don’t want to look like one of those gross body builder women!”
I might have become a tad defensive about my beloved CrossFit because my response surprised even me.
 “Yeah…um…My Crossfit kicks your Zumba’s ass!”  I said trying to keep the conversation light, but the battle lines had been drawn. I then went on to explain that in three short weeks I have lost inches, developed calf and thigh muscles, and can do push-ups and assisted pull-ups with ease. One of the peacekeeper ladies in the room said she needed to do something like that to get rid of her little poochy belly. I told her that Crossfit would burn that off in no time and we started having an amazing conversation.

The focus was not on Super Skinny Blonde Chick for a moment and she was having none of that. She said that she was looking in the mirror at her Zumba class and she swore she looked pregnant. We women knew exactly what she was doing and I couldn’t resist…Lord forgive me… I pointed to her fleece jacket and asked if she was wearing that at the time because fleece always makes people look bigger.
She then announced with out prompting that the one ounce of liquor I was having in my ONE margarita would stall my fat burning by 60%.
I looked at her blankly …and she continued.
“Jillian Michaels said that in her book I just read.”
 Me, being a stickler for numbers and statistics asked “How long is your fat burning affected for? Is it only while you’re sipping a margarita on the treadmill or does the liquor have lingering affects?”
 She responded with “Jillian said one ounce can affect you for up to three days! Have you read her book?”
Another blank look from me and I turned around and walked away…I had to escape to the man-cave. I know it was rude…but a girl can only take so much. We avoided each other for the rest of the party and I had a really good time after that.

I will say this. CROSSFIT IS AMAZING! I have a severe case of ADHD and get bored easily. Typically, week three is my give up point on any diet or fitness routine. I seriously can’t imagine a week in my future that doesn’t involve CrossFit.

Oh yeah…I almost forgot! I am using the 20 lb bar and doing Squats and Snatches and Cleans! That was my three month goal that I met in three weeks. The bar is still heavy as hell, but I am doing it. CrossFit is not only changing my outside, but my inside also. My self esteem and pride is increasing as my waistline is decreasing


Anonymous said...

I have to say that I love the article and every post you have written so far. This one made me laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes and the title, funny! You could picture every detail from the hard work with the 20lb bar (congratulations)at CrossFit to the super skinny blonde chick! Sometimes it takes a strong person to walk away from people like that. You should be proud not only of walking away but for what you are doing! Amazing writing. Keep it up! I look forward to the next post!

Cameron said...

Get her Lacie! haha
Yes it does. it also kicks yogas ass! :-)

Anonymous said...

soon you'll be able to squat, clean and jerk the skinny blonde chick..."zumba this beeatch". Keep up the good work...

LessLacie said...

Thanks everyone! I so look foward to reading your comments, it's so encouraging! and yeah....screw Zumba...and YOGA we have Clean Snatches! (still not used to those terms! LOL)

FYI- I have no idea what Cameron has in store for me tonight. I laid down for a 20 min powernap yesterday and slept till this morning. I totally missed the workout! Wish me luck everyone!

Christina Roehl said...

I would expect burpies for that one Lacie...ha ha ha...
Yeah, super skinny blonde chick can kiss our asses for sure and she can keep her zumba class and her fleece! Don't get me wrong, I love to dance as much as the next girl, but until you try Crossfit you have NO room to do any backtalking!