Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Weigh-in

Just a quick weigh-in update

I can’t believe it’s been a full seven days since I started cross fit! Short of a small set back, this has been a great week! I did my super official Monday morning weigh-in today and according to my brand new, cost more than my children are worth, fancy glass top scale, I am down 5 full pounds! Let me repeat…5 POUNDS!

I have been focusing on my nutrition and staying active and stretching on my off days. Cameron has me keeping a food diary and that helps to see exactly what I am eating. I have noticed a trend. I tend to eat something around 9:30 am everyday. I didn’t have an AM snack scheduled and felt guilty about the extra food. After discussing this with my nutritionist, I was supposed to be eating an AM snack. HUH? No more guilt? I may not know what to focus on in the future. I am eating an apple as I type this instead of my lunchtime chocolate pick me up. I guess it’s true…small changes add up!

I am super excited about the work out tonight.   

My Current Stats:
Goal Weight:                150 Pounds
Starting Weight:            227 Pounds
Current Weight:            222 Pounds
Total Weight Change: -5 Pounds

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Anonymous said...

Good job, Lacie!