Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Kettlebell

HA HA HA…oh Cameron is just a funny, funny guy! I missed Wednesday’s workout due to an unfortunate Broccoli incident, and Cameron thought it was hilarious! He laughed and laughed…and made “Gas” jokes during the entire workout. My buddy Charlie even got in on the fun! It’s unreal how much fun we have during the most intense workouts of my life! I really am starting to bond with my classmates and I seriously think I may be starting a new addiction. I can’t wait for my next Crossfit fix!

That being said, I was introduced to Kettlebells last night. I am convinced Kettlebells may kill me. I have two pronounced bruises on my forearms where I just could not grasp the concept of the corkscrew type movement Cameron was trying to show us. I repeatedly slammed the iron weight into my arms and kept saying “ouch!”
Cameron kept saying you’re doing it wrong! Really? Thanks for clearing that up, because I thought I was supposed to slam heavy weights into my arms. Here’s the part that troubles me. I’m not sure if it is age or weight or what, but back in the Glory Days when I was a cheerleader, I could learn new choreography in a matter of minutes. Not anymore. Trying to lift something over my head and squat at the same time was just baffling my stressed mind and body. Cameron actually told me I was thinking too much…he said he could see my gears turning. I actually saw little veins popping out of his forehead…I could tell he was getting irritated. He yelled “Stop!” during one of my more uncoordinated movements so I tried to correct it. That sent him over the edge.
 “Your going to hurt yourself…just put it down” he said.
So I bent over and set the evil kettlebell down.
 “Not like that…you’ll hurt your back”.
 I started to laugh. “WHAT???” I screamed back.
He must have shown me the movement 17 times before I finally got it correct. My mother claims I am the only person that could piss off the Pope. Now Cameron is far from Pope status…but she might have a point!

We didn’t get far with the kettlebell last night, but I definitely got a workout on my arms. Driving home was a chore and I wasn’t sure if my shaky arms would keep the car in my lane. I woke up this morning with two painful reminders that I am just not as young as I used to be. On the plus side, I showed the class the little lines in my biceps where the muscle is trying to fight it’s way through the fat to the surface. After just two weeks, I see the faint trace of muscle. If that isn’t enough proof that this works, I don’t know what is!



Cameron said...

Everyone goes through a beating with the kettlebells. Its kind of a right of passage. :-) "Everything is hard before it is easy."

Shane said...

"I can teach you the movement, but I can't teach you how to be graceful!"
-Cameron Brickman

Anonymous said...

Evidently i am not the only one who was unable to learn "grace" with the kettlebells. Hang in there and remember the bruises are a great conversation starter...

lacie said...

LOL!!! Thanks so much! The bruises are fading...that makes me kinda sad...i thought they made me look like a bad ass! :)

And shane ...your awesome! I love the Cameron quotes! :)

Christina Roehl said...

Don't worry...the bruises and look of being a bad ass will return!
I too over-think just about every movement I do in there and Cameron gets pissed every time...but I'm getting better and Cameron even has to admit that...! Keep it up Lacie!