Monday, November 8, 2010

Fat Fall Off Nov 08, 2010

I am trying to keep this blog to diet and fitness and trying to keep my personal life out of this, but as many of you know, that’s tough thing to do when diet and fitness is so closely tied to emotions. I went over to my parents today for a family dinner and I tell you…Family is a true test for any binge eater. I am the biggest one in my family and have been for years. I was the butt of many diet jokes today. Oh they didn’t mean anything by it…I was told. They were calling this the diet of the month and were teasing me for the whole gluten free thing. I have to admit I was irritated. I laughed it off of course, but it hurts. I don’t think our relatives understand how much it affects us when they mock our efforts to lose weight. I got through the dinner and picked at what I could eat. My hubby said all the comfort words and I considered the source. I should have worked out today and that just added to my failure feelings. This is where I would have come home in the past and cleaned out the cupboards. No emotional binge eating for me today, so I guess that’s a win!

Tomorrow is a new day…

Today’s food:

Breakfast: No breakfast, I slept in! Its Sunday.

Lunch: Had a late breakfast…just the Detox shake today

Snack: apple and almond butter

Dinner: Halibut steak brushed with oilive oil and steamed broccoli

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