Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fat Fall Off Nov 03, 2010

I never want to hear another excuse about working out again! I missed my training session yesterday so Cheri and Mike let me switch classes and come tonight instead. I was in class with two sisters that were grandmothers. Mike modified the workouts a bit for these two ladies and I must tell you, I was impressed. It sure made me feel like a whiner when I was making my “OH MY GOD This Burns” face and they were doing the same thing. We were all sweating and making faces at each other. Mike said he was kidding when he said we were going to work out tonight until someone threw up…but I think he was secretly trying to make me hurl. I worked my butt off tonight! Working out in a group really is motivating! There is a certain level of not wanting to be the weakest link that makes you keep going 20 more seconds.

The sprints in the gym tonight almost did me in, but there was no way I was going to be outdone by two silver haired grandmothers….plus these lovely ladies were cheering for me. I was forced to give it my all! I left the gym tonight feeling like I had given 100% effort. I am turning out the lights now as I am exhausted. Since I have been working out, I have not needed my Ambian to fall asleep. I am too tired at night to stay up worrying about the next day. I never thought I could sleep without Ambian…

I think in the next couple of days I am going to write a top-10 list of the changes I am seeing in my health. It’s time to recognize more than weight loss…but not right now 

Today’s food:

Breakfast: Detox shake

Snack: pear

Lunch: Take out brown rice sushi with carrots and avocado, and a large green tea

Snack: Bag of Mary’s crackers

Dinner: Ground turkey burgers topped with the Amazing Salad ( I wrote about this simple salad a few days ago

Dessert: coconut ice cream during Grey’s Anatomy

My Fitness:

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