Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Week 14 - Change Oct 2nd

I lost TWO pounds! It has been a week full of stress and was convinced I had gained weight, but when I stepped on the scale I lost two pounds. I have not been able to get to the gym all week, but I have really been watching my food intake, cutting my calories down to 1500 to compensate for my lack of movement. I am very happy to report I actually turned down a pink frosted shortbread cookie! I have never done that before. The old Lacie would have licked the frosting off and carefully dunked it into my coffee, savoring each light, buttery and delicious bite. My cubicle was filled with the sound of giggles as shortbread was being consumed in mass quantity. I reached in my lunch bag and pulled out my fresh cut cantaloupe chunks. I didn’t even miss it. I would say that is a definite change!

This week, “change” has been the underlying theme. My son and the changes he is going through, my husband getting a lay off notice, my work statement changing this week, yet again…and I am reminded of those motivational posters promoting the ability to embrace change. After a really chilly soccer practice, I came home and took a bubble bath to warm up. I was laying there…basting my stomach sticking out of the water like a Thanksgiving turkey, thinking about my journey. The changes I can see in my body, the changes in my attitude and although I am not there yet, I am proud of the changes I have made in my life.

My top 5 list of changes so far:
I no longer have to unbutton my pants and find a sturdy support to tie my shoes.
I don’t have to soap up my finger and pull until it turns purple to get my ring off.
I can jog up the stairs with a load of laundry.
I don’t have to pretend I need to use the restroom to get out of walking with co-workers to a meeting. I walk just as fast as they do now.
Water is no longer just an ingredient in coffee, I drink the stuff now…a lot…and with out mixing it!

My top 5 list of changes to come:
To be able to wrap myself in a normal size bath towel without the triangle of stomach and thigh sticking out.
To buy a bra with thin straps that doesn’t dig in like a rubber band around a semi filled balloon.
To never…I mean ever…have to find a hiding spot to pull up my panties that rolled down my stomach.
To never have my husband back the car out of a parking spot because another car parked too close and I cant open the car door wide enough to squeeze in.
To have “married couple quality time” with the lights on!

This is my journey. Twice this week I almost quit, I almost gave up, I almost decided the fight wasn’t worth the win. Then I decided to change my mind…to focus on why I am going through this. The seasons are changing which means I’ll need to be more creative with my diet as less fresh fruits and vegetables are available and the weather is getting colder which impacts my outdoor activity some. The one message that is clear this week is I am not changing back, no matter what life throws at me…I can’t…I wont!

My Stats for the week:

Starting weight: 254 pounds
Previous weight: 222 pounds
Current weight: 220 pounds
Current Weight Loss: -2 pounds
Total weight loss: 34 pounds

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